Our Facilities

We at NDL take pride in housing the state of the art machinery to devise denim.

Each and every step till completion is closely monitored and the product is examined at every stage.
Various lab tests are performed to check the fiber composition, color, construction, Moisture, flammability and burning behavior.
Naveena has acclaimed several awards in yarn spinning & producing the best weave for denim in Pakistan.
Ball warping is done to store & dye yarn. It is undeniably the most important step of
Using the highest quality of dyes to create state of the art design and material.
Also known as the heart of weaving, its done to attain the maximum benefit of weaving.
An art that we take care about as much as our customers trust us with it.
We are focused on catering to our customers needs in the best possible way that exists.
Quality control is our forte. we inspect our fabric very closely at every stage.