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Our Certifications

NDL has a promise to deliver, it is our liability to conform to the highest standards of production for our clientele. We achieved this stature today through the undeterred support of our niche market. We are proud to be ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 certified.


QMS 9001:2015

NDL received ISO 9001 certification after surpassing the quality management system. We were able to acclaim certification by consistently providing par standard quality, meeting our customer’s requirements and that of the certifying authority too.


EMS 14001:2015

We are proud to the denim business with ISO 14001 certification.
We assure our fellow citizens and our loyal customers of our eco-friendly jeans production process.
We at NDL whole heartedly dedicate our selves and our employees to environmental growth and its safety.


OHSAS 18001:2007

Occupational health and safety management certificate, an international certification which sets a standard of identifying, rectifying and decreasing the health and safety ordeals within an organization.
NDL is also proud to declare that we are OHSAS 18001 certified and confine to all requirements set by the authority regularly.


Levi’s PI Accredited Lab

Levi Strauss, the legend behind the famous fashion garment was born in 1829. Strauss learnt trade and business at an early age while accompanying his family in their business.The business revolved around the whole sale of dry goods. Levi Strauss and Co. soon emerged as a representative of his family business when he moved to San Francisco.
Strauss, was contacted by one of his then customers in 1872, Jacob Davis, who gave him details of his latest invention, of a pair of pants which were stitched in an unconventionally innovative way and would last longer due to this specific style of stitching, but Davis needed a partner to bring his idea in the market, Strauss become interested and so the denim we now call jeans, came to existence!
Naveena and Levi Strauss
NDL acquired partnership with the legendary tycoon Levi’s Strauss to innovate more and in process stand where we stand today.
Naveena conforms to all standards of denim making according to Levi’s Strauss and company. We have no plans of slowing down any time soon.


Marks and Spencer

Naveena denim limited is the proud certificate holder of Marks and Spencer, Standard Accreditation Scheme.
We were certified by the market leaders Marks and Spencer in the year 2019.
We are proud to admit we were found to be reliable and accurate in using our methods for producing denim and passed various lab tests to earn this honorable certification.
The Naveena Denim has withstood various colour fastness tests through a variety of stages for coming up to mark and it has also stood out during the physical tests of various kinds like tear strength, its weight per square meter, washing stability etc.
Proud to serve our customers the best denim of Pakistan.



Oeko-Tex is an international Association for Research and Testing in the field of Textile and Leather Ecology. Oeko-Tex is a registered trade mark. The certification of The Standard 100 assures that all the processes are eco friendly and lesser harmful chemicals are used in the treatment. The certification aims to prove that the product generated has gone through strict lab testing and has abided to the standard of Oeko-Tex of sustainability thus it was certified by the world renowned body.
OEKO -Tex is based in Zurich and came into existence in 1992.
Naveena Denim was certified by Oeko-Tex in the year 2018



In 1961, a few conservation organizations gathered around to help conserve for a better tomorrow, however it was not possible until 1961 that a manifesto was signed by the most renowned world conservationists to make World Wildlife Fund in order to accumulate finances and professional conservation advice in order to finally emerge and help sustainability.
Naveena Denim and WWF
Naveena Denim is now associated with World Wildlife Fund. We are very proud to be linked with this selfless organization. We assure our customers, we contribute to the environment and care about it as much as we care about the citizens of Pakistan, taking care of the animals across the world and in Pakistan is equally important to us.



The British Textile Technology group owns Shirley.
Shirley started its operations under BTTG in 2003.
Shirley performs a variety of tests and in order to earn its reputed certification and to come up to its standards an organization needs to comply to all their requirements and set of very high performance tests.
We, NDL are the proud certificate holders of REACH – Shirley. We were awarded this certificate in compliance to sustainability and good standards in the year 2018.


Organic Content Standard (OCS)

Started in 2002, Control Union Certifications was a joint venture focused on all activities organic and sustainability.
OCS has its deep set roots in agriculture which helps them understand sustainability and the value of organic growth even more.
Control Union Certificate approaches to direct and help its clients with their growing resource needs and mainly focuses on making them more oriented towards sustainability.
OCS uses highly skilled auditors and is very professional in their field of work.
Naveena denim limited was certified by OCS by complying to their standards in the year 2019.
We are proud to conform to all of their standards of spinning, storing, dyeing, trading, importing, finishing and weaving.


Global Textile Standard (GOTS)

The prestigious GOTS embodies the four world renowned organizations OTA from the United States of America, the IVN from Germany, the Soil Association from the United Kingdom, and JOCA from Japan.
These bodies equally contribute through their professionalism towards organic farming, eco friendly and social responsibility for the industries around the globe.
The noble vision of this selfless body is to contribute to a greener planet by encouraging organic textiles in such a way that it becomes an integral part of everyday life all around the world while contributing to sustainability and comfort at the same time.
Naveena denim limited was certified by the GOTS in the year 2019 and we are once again proud to have passed the international standards of sustainability after going through a series of tests, one by one.


RCS (Recycled Claim Standards)

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*Certificates Available on Demand*