Naveena Group is a rapidly expanding conglomerate of companies dedicated to the business of progress and sustainability. Having begun its journey in 1989, the group’s industry-wide, global footprint extends across denim, spinning, property development, steel and power sectors.


Established in Lahore, Pakistan in 2006, as a vertical facility with state-of-the-art Production Unit. Passionately committed to denim, we specialize in manufacturing premium yarn and denim fabrics. Our fully integrated production facilities are powered by 2,000 + employees who produce 20 million yards and more than 47 million pounds of yarn per year.

“Bringing inspiration, innovation & responsibility to the denim world”.


Our aim is to deliver consistently high-quality products relevant to today’s and tomorrow’s consumers while driving change for the benefit of society and a sustainable future.
Constantly building on our heritage, we strive to push the boundaries of the industry by uniting tradition with innovation, technology with design, and form with function.
“The ultimate union of form and function, tradition and innovation”