Naveena Group is a rapidly expanding conglomerate of companies dedicated to the business of progress and sustainability. Having begun its journey in 1989, the group’s industry-wide, global footprint extends across denim, spinning, property development, steel and renewable energy sectors.


Established in Lahore, Pakistan in 2006, as a vertical facility with state-of-the-art production unit. Passionately committed to denim, we specialize in manufacturing premium yarn and denim fabrics. Our fully integrated production facilities are powered by 2,000 + employees who produce 20 million yards and more than 47 million pounds of yarn per year.

“Bringing inspiration, innovation & responsibility to the denim world”.

NDL Vision

Investment and synergy in quality human resource and cutting edge innovative technologies R&D so as to meet the customer demands and achieve growth through socially and environmentally sustainable ways and best practices.